“Benavides Born”
Written by Daniel Meisel / Amy Wendel / Kevin Afflack
Performed by Juan Johnson featuring CiaMar
Available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon

“We Bring It”
Written by José Suaste
Performed by JointMethod
Courtesy of José Suaste / ASCAP

“Baby Boy”
Written and performed by Girl in a Coma
Jett Pack Music, Inc. / BMI
Courtesy of Blackheart Records Group, Inc.

“Si Todo Está Bien”
Written by Poncho Cabrera-Jair
Performed by David Lee Garza
Serca Music Publishing / BMI
Courtesy of DLG Music

“AJ’s Polka”
Written and performed by AJ Castillo
AJ Castillo Music
Courtesy of Arthur Castillo

Written and performed by David Garza
Thousand Roses, LTD / BMI
Courtesy of Cosmica Records

“La Resbaloza”
Written by El Tololochero
Performed by Chema y Su Conjunto
Fakta Publishing
Courtesy of Fakta Music

“Sun Children”
Written by Nicolas DeSimone / Moreno Visini / Malik Burke / Ian Lawrence
Performed by Nickodemus
Flick Flack Publishing administered by BUG Music / ASCAP
Courtesy of ESL Music

“Hey DJ”
Written by Terrany Johnson
Performed by Tee Double
Terrany Johnson Publishing / BMI
Courtesy of Kinetic Global

“Esta Soledad”
Written and performed by Carla Morrison
Carla Morrison Música / BMI
Courtesy of Cosmica Records

Written by Erik Conn and Jason Morales
Performed by Tia Carrera
Small Stone Records Pub. / ASCAP
Courtesy of Small Stone Records

“Waving the White Flag”
Written and performed by Smile Smile
Sit and Wonder Why Music / BMI
Courtesy of Kirtland Records

“100 Miles”
Written and performed by Abra Moore
WB Music Corp./ ASCAP o/b/o itself and Abra Songs
Courtesy of E One Entertainment

“Perfect Plan”
Written and performed by Sarah Jaffe
Clutter Me Pretty / BMI
Courtesy of Kirtland Records

Score for All She Can was composed and recorded by Kevin Afflack with vocals from CiaMar.

All She Can Some dreams come at a heavy price.